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Hell yes! The weekend is upon us! But before you fight for your right to party you've got to listen to this week's podcast. There's only one problem...Jaci isn't here. Before I can commit Seppuku, my guest co-host SuperMarcey sweeps in and saves the day!

After discussing Marcey's striptease, we roll right into this week's new releases. Which films did we muster up enough excitement for? YOUR HIGHNESS, HANNA, and MEEK'S CUTOFF.

Five hours later, we get around to the news. Marcey and I still aren't sold on GREEN LANTERN. Get over it. Hey, while you're whining about our opinion go make me a sandwich. Marcey then tells me about that weird dream she had with Vanilla Ice licking her face. The rest of the podcast includes zombie penis, my undying love for Zach Galifianakis, and the SUPERMAN porn parody. So settle in and let Marcey's beautiful Aussie voice soothe you.

Marcey is actually into STAR WARS roleplay.

Kneel before Zod takes on a whole new meaning...

Seriously, is MEEK'S CUTOFF an Oregon Trail adaptation?

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