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Yo dude. Have you seen our keys? No? Did we go to junior high together? Because, if we did, chances are pretty good that Jaci cyber-stalks you throughout today's show while Niki does nothing to stop it.

What is it about British comedies that makes them so excellent? Is it the fact that they say "c**t" as flippantly as we say "mozzarella sticks"? Or how everyone seems to live in the same flat? Like, Rose lives next to Tim and Daisy, doesn't she? WE ARE ON TO YOU, ENGLAND. Obviously, we are taking about ATTACK THE BLOCK. We may or may not discuss other movies. (Sure, why not.) But you're probably here because you Googled "Patty Mayonaisse Rule 34". Get out. Now.

We concur Mr. Laurie, we concur.

You think you're confused????

Clearly, they need more allowance.

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