JoBlo's Geek Chicks Podcast: Say Hi to Alyssa Milano For Me

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It's Friday, and that means Happy Hour with the girls from legal, because OMG these margaritas are soooo good. Just kidding, we know perfectly well you've been avoiding Peggy like the plague. I mean, what DID happen at the holiday party anyway?

Boom. Geek Chicks.

This week we discuss the rating for THE EXPENDABLES 2, comparing the book to the movie with THE HUNGER GAMES, and of course, cat wine bottles. We also notice a trend in the mentioning of Mark Wahlberg. What is it about him that leads to long, in-depth conversations reeking of second-hand embarrassment and fake accents?

Yeah, no thanks.

Answer our tweet, Courtney!

Mom??? DAD???

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