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Wipe that burrito and margarita residue off your face. Have some self-respect, son. Goddamn. It's time for the GEEK CHICKS to get you all pumped for the weekend. Actually, Friday does that on it's own, but we're gonna take the credit for it because we're honey badgers and we don't give a shit.

We take out our mathematical insecurities out on Jessica Alba who seems to have dropped AN INVISIBLE SIGN somewhere and cant find it because its invisible and her mom and dad are gonna be SO mad at her. JUMPING THE BROOM is sadly not about Quidditch, so who cares. PASSION PLAY is where Mickey Rourke breaks Megan Fox out of the zoo and they form a dance troupe. Something something SOMETHING BORROWED. And of course rounding us off is some THOR talk. Is there a sandwich called "The THOR"? Because there should be. It should be bacon, ham, hardboiled eggs, peanut butter, and some melted cheddar cheese. Throw some spicy mayo on that shit and call it a day. You're welcome.

Jaci makes your social awkwardness seem trivial in comparison to her Comic Con stories. Have ERASERHEAD on your instant queue? Don't bother, Niki's gonna tell you the whole plot so you don't have to watch it. Again, you're welcome. What is this, a charity? Damn. We get all ovulational about HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PT II and side-eye the hell out of Maxim's top 100 list.

Rip that nicotine patch off and forget to call your mother cause its the weekend and the GEEK CHICKS are here for you.


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