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Peace out, March, you were boring as hell. Sup April? Looking fine as hell, did you join a gym? I like your new releases! Let's see, we got INSIDIOUS (Palpatine called, he wants his obscure name back) SOURCE CODE where Jake Gyllenhaal does that thing where he's hot but boring. HOP which falls under the "What Is This I Cant Even" category. SUPER, RUBBER, and WRECKED bringing up the rear of the one-word-title pack and CAT RUN, which we did zero research on whatsoever. Pretty sure it's about a radish.

We get all nostalgic and retroactively paranoid about the FBI's Most Wanted list from 1987. There's some half-assed discussion about the new DEATHLY HALLOWS poster. There's also a few tangential discussions, in which you go back to 1985 and your mother falls in love with you. It's all very complicated. Deal with it like a man, son. And for shit's sake, check your shoes for scorpions before you put them on.

It's Friday, so scrounge up a bagel that you didn't really want, but all the good ones are taken, and shoot the shit with GEEK CHICKS. Did you hear something? It's probably a murderer and you're next.

Everyone acts like they forgot about Penny...

(Seriously, what is going on in France?)

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