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Hey kids! We're pretty sure you know the deal by now, so let's not kid ourselves. Its Friday, that equals GEEK CHICKS. I mean, its not astrophysics. (Is it? I don't know, I flunked out)

The damsels of disdain and seductresses of sarcasm discuss MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, THE BEAVER and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES. There's probably a gross mermaid joke and someone says something about a rose garden, I don't know, I'm an adult. There's also about fifteen minutes of Jaci boring you with her Disneyland stories. I mean, what is this, Oprah? (Its not, no free car for you) Prepare yourself for the greatest DR WHO question ever asked (and answered). Niki discovers her AKIRA voodoo doll is potent, and the girls call in an FBI criminal profiler to figure out who their favorite Muppets are. Pepe wins. (Deal with it, phonies)

Speaking of FBI…. theres more TWIN PEAKS talk! So get your logs out and order some freaking cherry pie cause its time for GEEK CHICKS.

Don't do it son! She's got crabs!

WORLDS WILL COLL-- wait they already have...

Close enough, Google. Close enough.

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