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Anyone wanna go swimming? It's hot as shit outside. Well, let's wait until you listen to this new episode of Geek Chicks first.

Summer is upon us so naturally the first topic of the podcast is Slip 'n Slides. If you make one at home and put some weird/gross shit on it, don't tell us. We then visit this week's new releases: SUPER 8 and THE TRIP. What gets most of our attention on this show is E3. We talk about WiiU, disappointments, and what we are looking forward to. Trust me, it's not a new Madden game.

We might need sustenance, but the Geek Chicks will always be here for you.

Where's the Pokémon banner?

What?! This is how we always hang out...

Seriously Google, this is not a Slip 'n Slide. Get it together.

We would be really happy to receive any comments, questions, or internet memes. If that sounds like it tickles your fancy, send an email to [email protected].

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