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Sorry about that, Laura Palmer just yelled in our ear. Yes, it's a little frightening so early in the morning, but after having coffee with Agent Cooper, we're fine.

In this week's new releases, we tell Paul Bettany to check himself and fire his agent to keep him from shit like PRIEST. Jaci found out that one of her coaches can be seen in BRIDESMAIDS but we didn't really talk about that. HESHER is about a freeloader who pissed off Dwight and befriends a 12-year-old. There's also an extensive amount of pyromania...he might be Beavis.

We also find some time to talk about which movies we think will dominate the Summer. Sit the f*ck down, Tyler Perry. You are trapped in a metal ball buried underground. I'm glad Token finally stopped giving you money. There's talk about high school fashions, but you can all relate. Don't act like you never wore ECKO. Oh, and expect us to talk about TWIN PEAKS in every show for the next few weeks. If you don't like it, I'll send your ass to the red room.

Duff Man rules the Summer box-office!

Told you he was high...

Jaci's okay with this.

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