JoBlo's Geek Chicks Podcast: We're Not at Comic-Con

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It's the GEEK CHICKS coming at you live from...our houses.

While we may not be at Comic-Con, we can damn sure try and cover it for you, or at least tell you what's cool. We can also tell you what to avoid. Yeah, that one panel sounds awesome, but wait...half of the cast of GLEE will be there? Avoid that shit like the plague. Before giving you what you desire we talk about extreme bromances then lead into CAPTAIN AMERICA. It will all make sense later. This is a pretty special episode of the show, so you don't want to miss it. There's also some punching and f*cking.

If you're at Comic-Con, have a drink for us. If you're not, welcome to the sad sap party. You're welcome to our Comic-Con anytime.



If we were at Comic-Con, we'd be wearing this.






Be grateful he doesn't have a van behind him that has "free candy" painted on the side of it.



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Extra Tidbit: Credit for Voldemort's Free Hugs goes to alicexz.
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