Jodie Foster's Beaver opens up this March

First of all, EW, gross headline Sampson. Second of all, sorry, I had to. Third of all, the Jodie Foster directed dramedy THE BEAVER finally has a set release date in the United States. The Mel Gibson film will have a limited release on Wednesday, March 23, before expanding on April 8. How far it expands remains to be seen and may be predicated on how well it does in a limited release.

Summit picked up the rights to the film in August of last year and at the time it was thought the film could mark something of a career/image boost for Mel Gibson who was still struggling to overcome the inflammatory comments he made when arrested for DUI in Los Angeles. But then came those angry voicemails and more racist and anti-semetic comments and some wondered if the film would see a theatrical release at all.

I haven't seen the movie but just based on reading the script, it's almost a perfect project for Gibson to try and come back with. It's a very Mel Gibson like tale about a guy who's losing everything, goes a little nuts and finds his way back to the top with the help of a beaver hand-puppet. Whether anyone will find this at all amusing or insightful after Gibson's latest issues remains to be seen. But as we've seen time and time again, quality work always seems to trump crazy behavior.

You've seen the trailer, do you think you'll pay money for this Mel Gibson movie?

Source: JoBlo.com



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