Joe Carnahan says A-Team 2 won't happen, although he'd love to do Narc 2

Joe Carnahan has dropped out of UMBRA and is looking for a new project, and recently discussed a few of his options with Moviehole at a press junket for THE GREY alongside Liam Neeson.

First up, sorry A-Team fans, but Neeson doesn't think a sequel will ever happen. 

“A-TEAM [2], I don’t think so. I don’t think it made enough money. The studio don’t want [it]“, said Neeson.

Carnahan isn't big on the idea either. "As much fun as I had making that movie, I don’t want to get tied up in that whole world of sequels and franchises. There’s too many movies I want to make. There’s too many other stories I want to tell. The good thing that came out of A-TEAM not being successful is that I would never have made THE GREY, I’d be working on A-TEAM 2 right now. And that would have been a bigger bummer to me.”

One film he'd love to revist, however, is NARC, the gritty dirty cop film that features Ray Liotta in one of his best roles. Carnahan has already approached the actor with ideas about a possible sequel, in fact.

“I was talking to Ray Liotta the other night about a Narc sequel”, Carnahan reveals. “I told him the opening…if I could do that movie for like ten million bucks and not be bothered and be left to do my thing I would do it in a second. Creative control means more to me than having my name on a big-budget thing.

Of course, the very big question is what the plot could be for a sequel, and what Liotta's role would be. Especially if you remember the events of NARC. 

Still, it's certainly curious. Would you like to see Carnahan return to the world of NARC?

Extra Tidbit: Narc came out in 2002. That just blew my mind.
Source: Moviehole



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