Joe Manganiello shares skull-clad Rampage costume

The movie version of the classic video games RAMPAGE will continue to deliver exactly what moviegoers want: Dwayne Johnson running through chaos, but this time with giant monsters. Brilliant! But the movie will have more muscles than people can handle with Joe Manganiello on-board as well, and the actor just showed off his costume – which also teases potential ass-kickery:

Day 6 #RAMPAGE 🦍🐊🐺

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The photo obviously isn’t much, but there is a noticeable skull in the middle which seem ripped straight from The Punisher. There’s also the name tag confirming his character’s name as Burke, and of course there’s the gun in front for fanny-pack level accessibility.

Nothing too much to reveal here, but it’s something in the way of detail. Manganiello’s Burke is the leader of a special military group in Brad Peyton’s film, which could act as a somewhat-maybe antagonist for Johnson’s zoologist character. Manganiello may be out of luck though, picking a fight with the world’s scariest zoologist.

RAMPAGE with Dwayne Johnson, Joe Manganiello, Malin Akerman, Naomie Harris and Jeffrey Dean Morgan arrives April 20, 2018.



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