Joe Pesci is back in new Home Alone Google Assistant ad

Last month Google dropped an ad for their new device, Google Assistant, which featured actor Macaulay Culkin reprising his role from HOME ALONE to do a spoof on the movie featuring the tech. It was a clever ad that made good use of Culkin and spoofed the movie well, but now Google is going a bit further with the premise by bringing back fellow HOME ALONE actor Joe Pesci for what is, perhaps, the most expensive reaction video ever made.

The video doesn’t quite place Pesci – who hasn’t appeared in a movie since 2010’s LOVE RANCH – in the same fun scenario as Culkin but instead has him watching the ad in very meta fashion, commenting on it with his pals. He then gets to tout his “big moment” in which we hear nothing but his voice saying, “Better get out of here before somebody sees us.” A big moment indeed, and his friends cheer for their talented friend.  

Pesci hasn’t appeared in many projects since announcing his retirement from acting in 1999, only appearing in a cameo in THE GOOD SHEPARD and in LOVE RANCH. He’s also no stranger to funny ads, having made an appearance in a Snickers ad with Don Rickles back in 2011. His biggest role in years will be seen in Martin Scorsese’s new movie THE IRISHMAN, which is set to debut on Netflix, hopefully, this year. Now, all we need is ads with Daniel Stern and Catherine O'Hara and we'll have a complete set!

Source: Google



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