Joe Pesci joins Travolta's Gotti film, Lindsay Lohan in talks

It just wouldn't be a mob movie without Joe Pesci, so naturally he has now joined the cast of GOTTI: THREE GENERATIONS (is that really the title? It sounds like a Dateline special).

He'll be playing Gotti Sr's second in command Angelo Ruggerio, with the top role already filled by John Travolta. Lindsay Lohan is in talks to play Victoria Gotti, but if cast will assuredly be replaced by an actress who shows up to work and will likely be alive all throughout filming.

The movie is being directed by Nick Cassavettes, who recently subbed in for Liam Neeson in a cameo role in THE HANGOVER PART II. Is that even a cameo at that point? I don't know too many people who can identify the man by sight, myself included.

Anyway, the final role of Gotti Jr, one central to the film, is still said to be unfilled, with few actors even rumored for the part. The producer, Marc Fiore, keeps calling the project "the new Godfather," and while I doubt that's true, I am curious to see how it turns out.

Extra Tidbit: Actually, Googling pictures of Victoria Gotti, I understand the Lohan casting in her present condition.
Source: THR



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