Joel Edgerton is ready for more adventures as Uncle Owen

One of the fun little details that comes out of watching the STAR WARS prequels is noticing a budding Joel Edgerton in the role of Uncle Owen, the man who takes in Luke after he’s given to him by Obi-Wan. Despite the small, “Is that…no, it is!” quality of the role, Edgerton has come out to say he is more than ready to take on the role once more and already has some big plans.

While speaking with Business Insider about his new movie, IT COMES AT NIGHT, Edgerton explained how he thinks Owen should be given the chance to come back into the STAR WARS universe, saying how the character could easily be the guy with a more exciting and adventurous past than we think:

I like the idea that Uncle Owen is one of those guys who has done some super cool shit but has just never bragged about it. My idea is that he could go out and have some adventure and then he comes back and slips back into that unassuming moisture farmer role. Everyone talks about Obi-Wan being super cool, Owen secretly knows that he was there, and he did some of the cool shit, too.

But, frankly, Edgerton doesn’t even care if they don’t bring him back as Owen, and would take any role in WARS universe. He is so down for a role he is even prepared to hide behind a mask the entire time:

I saw Colin [Treverrow, director of STAR WARS IX] yesterday, I was like, “Dude. STAR WARS. Me.” And he's like, “You have already been in the STAR WARS world,” and I was like, “Yeah, I could be someone else.”  My pitch to all of them is there's definitely some Owen possibilities, but also, I was only in the movie for a pinch of time. How about I play someone else? I can do Boba Fett. I'll just never take off the mask.

Edgerton has since become much more famous since his Owen days, starring in movies like THE GIFT, BLACK MASS, WARRIOR, ZERO DARK THIRTY and lots more.  This comes on the heels of many statements from Ewan McGregor, who played Obi-Wan in the prequels, saying he’s ready to play the character again if they wish to bring him back for a solo adventure. Road trip movie with Ben and Owen, anyone?

Though I think Edgerton’s aspirations for Owen are a little grand, I could totally see him playing someone like Boba Fett, a character whose been the subject of recent solo movie rumors. In the end, I love Edgerton as a performer and would love to see him do anything in the STAR WARS universe. Just put him the Jaba suit and we can call it good.

IT COMES AT NIGHT is in theaters today.



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