Johansson is Widow?

Scarlett Johansson With Emily Blunt on the brink of dropping out as Natasha Romanoff aka The Black Widow in the upcoming IRON MAN 2, it seems Paramount is already moving on to the next smoking hot candidate and, according to "Hollywood Insider", they're looking to initiate talks with the gloriously chested Scarlett Johansson. Not the most obvious choice, sure, but if it's one thing director Jon Favreau and crew have excelled at with this franchise is brilliant "not the most obvious choice" casting. Actually, aside from THE ISLAND, we haven't really seen Johnasson stretch her action muscle so it'd be good to see her play an ass kicking superhero in ridiculously tight leather and latex. What do you guys think about it? And if not her, who else do you think could tango with Tony Stark as The Black Widow? Carrie-Anne Moss? Rebecca Romijn? Diane Kruger?

Extra Tidbit: Blunt was seriously perfect for The Black Widow. Why the hell did she have to sign a binding contract that would force her to do a silly fortieth GULLIVER'S TRAVELS adaptation?
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