John Boyega and Joe Cornish are working on something together

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The last time John Boyega and Joe Cornish got together on something, it was ATTACK THE BLOCK, which, in retrospect, really opened up a lot of doors for Boyega. Hell, if not cast as Moses, bruv, who knows if Boyega would have ever been in the right position to land the role of Finn in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, or now the PACIFIC RIM sequel or that Kathryn Bigelow picture... And while Cornish has only done writing work since, we've been constantly teased with possibilities as to what his next directorial effort might be, given how well-received ATTACK THE BLOCK was when it burst on the scene in 2011. 

Well, how excited would you be if you knew Boyega and Cornish were working on getting together again to make something? Because that looks to be the case by one of Boyega's recent tweets, where he copped to brainstorming with Cornish on something - which could really be anything, but at least it's better than nothing. Right?

"Something new" would imply that they're not going to go back to the well for an ATTACK THE BLOCK sequel, and that's fine. I'd rather see them both spread their wings a bit more than telling the same ol' story because we liked it a great deal once upon a time. Boyega is only scratching the surface of his potential as an actor right now, and it's going to be fun discovering just what he can do as he does, too, in future years... and the same goes for Cornish. With only one picture under his belt as a director (which was a hell of a debut), I'm eager to see what else he has up his sleeves. So let's wait with bated breath to find out what they're thinking up at the moment... Because hopefully it's cool as hell. 


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