John C. Reilly says Step Brothers 2 is "not on the table"

John C. Reilly is a very busy actor with tons of movies on the way, including THE SISTERS BROTHERS, HOLMES AND WATSON and STAN & OLLIE. One movie that he definitely, certainly, absolutely does not have on the docket – despite it being one we all want to see – is STEP BROTHERS 2. No matter what anyone else involved says, people still ask him about the prospects of the sequel all the time, and he’s putting it down for the record now that we probably won’t ever see such a movie.

The actor was talking to ScreenCrush while promoting SISTERS BROTHERS (which is premiering at TIFF next month) and was asked about the possibility of reuniting with Adam McKay and Will Ferrell for more immature hijinks. Apparently, this was something he’d been getting asked about all day, and he went on to say that even though he would love to do another, they’re just all too busy doing other things.

This is everyone’s last question today. Literally every single person! There’s no Step Brothers 2. It’s not on the table. I would love to do it, we’ve talked about it, we have some great ideas for the sequel, but it’s not everyone’s first move to want to do a sequel. Most people like Will and Adam and I, we’re trying to do new stuff. We’re trying to find the next Step Brothers.

That said, I really appreciate all the love people have for that movie. And I think we pulled it off in a way that we were all really proud of. I would definitely consider it, but you know, Adam has gone off and started to do really interesting dramatic things. I’m not sure what’s gonna happen, but it’s literally the million dollar question today.

There has been talk of a sequel to the 2008 comedy hit for some time, with Ferrell sharing a scrapped idea back in November that would’ve found Dale (Reilly) and Brennan (Ferrell) trying to live in their parents’ retirement community – which sounds like the best idea ever. But Ferrell himself said about a year and a half ago that there were currently no plans for a sequel, echoing Reilly’s comments about not wanting to be working on sequels to everything.

We've been hearing so much about a sequel to this movie for close to a decade, but as the years have gone on the likelihood of it happening grows dimmer and dimmer. Sure, we've seen sequels to ZOOLANDER and DUMB AND DUMBER come out well over a decade after the originals, but perhaps the world would've been a better place without them. As for SB2, at least we know Ferrell and Reilly are in the same boat, with the idea being that they can keep working towards delivering the next great, original comedy we can all beg for a sequel to.

SISTERS BROTHERS premieres at TIFF next month, and Ferrell and Reilly will reunite in HOLMES AND WATSON in theaters this Christmas. 

Source: ScreenCrush



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