John Carpenter talks horror in the digital era with AITH

Horror is a genre that is constantly changing, and so it's rare to find a fixture that has lasted for so long through all the different ages.

John Carpenter is one of the few that fits that bill, a true legend of horror, and our boys at AITH were lucky enough to get to talk to him recently about his upcoming film THE WARD, and what he thinks of horror in the digital era.

Here are a few highlights, and you can check out the whole thing over at AITH.

What’s your thoughts on the latest trends of horror movies being pushed for a more PG-13 crowd?

Most of the movies I grew up with were G, horror films were rated G in those days. Eh and then they began to push the envelope. I think if it’s a good movie it doesn’t really matter. That’s all that counts.

Do you like the way that the movie industry is heading with this digital distribution model or do you prefer the theater experience?

Listen man, I always prefer the old days. It was great when there was some sort of anticipation about something. You couldn’t wait for it to come out. Yes I wish it was the old days and everyone didn’t know everything. All these magazines come out that describe exactly how things are done. So everyone is a little smart ass now. Everybody know… I didn’t want to know I wanted everything to be magic. I wish it was back like that again. See when I was a kid this is all magical shit to me. Wow look at that! Now it’s like… Ah… ok… fine. We’re all cynics. I’m an old guy now, bitching about where are the old days, where have they gone? Don’t pay any attention to me.

Check out the rest here.

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