John Cena and Kat Dennings are an unlikely duo in Dallas and Robo trailer

A new animated show called DALLAS and ROBO featuring the voices of THOR alum Kat Dennings and pro wrestler-turned actor John Cena (BLOCKERS) just released its first trailer online. The eight-episode animated sci-fi comedy created by Mike Roberts (F IS FOR FAMILY, FINAL SPACE) and produced by ShadowMachine (BOJACK HORSEMAN) follows Dallas (Kat Dennings), a hard-drinkin' spitfire, and a cowboy-hat-wearing A.I. named Robo (John Cena), who're just trying to make a buck while traversing the space ways of a ramshackle solar system. Along their journey, the unlikely duo comes into contact with cannibal bikers, rival space truckers, killer robots, and malfunctioning weaponry.

The show is brought to you by YouTube Red, and will be made available to stream on the WWE YouTube Channel starting on May 30th. Joining Dennings and Cena for the madcap space adventure are guest voice actors: Jane Lynch, Giancarlo Esposito, Taran Killam, Clancy Brown, Nat Faxon, Dana Snyder, Bree Williamson, and Milana Vayntrub.

Be sure to buckle up before blasting off with DALLAS AND ROBO on May 30th via YouTube Red.

Source: Joblo



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