John Cena in talks to lead Duke Nukem movie

You can’t see John Cena, and I bet you didn’t see this coming either.

Word around the campfire (via THR) is that wrestler/actor Cena is in talks to star in a live-action adaptation of the video game franchise, "Duke Nukem". The series revolves around a buff, lady-chasing, shades-wearing, cigar-munching, and all-around crude hero who saves the world from alien invaders.  Michael Bay (of course it’s Michael Bay), Andrew Form and Brad Fuller will produce the movie via Platinum Dunes, with the movie being distributed by Paramount. No director has been hired, and the search for a screenwriter is currently underway, with the intent to write the role specifically for Cena.

The series was introduced us to the muscular hero back in 1991 when the first game was released, with many other spin-off games being released since then for handheld systems and consoles. The last major console release in the main series, "Duke Nukem Forever", was released in 2011 to poor reception. The character may not be as well known as Mario, Lara Croft or Donkey Kong, but the games have a serious following, with talks of a movie being had for almost two decades. Perhaps during the 90s it would have been a role best suited for the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone. You know, in order to capture the essence of pure testosterone.  

Cena has been climbing his way up the movie star ladder for some time, making a name for himself in comedies like TRAINWRECK, DADDY'S HOME and the upcoming BLOCKERS. He'll be apart of his biggest movie ever with the upcoming BUMBLEBEE movie at Paramount, so naturally, the studio (who also did DADDY'S HOME) felt it was probably time to give him his own franchise. Frankly, the game series is too ridiculous to turn into a movie, unless it's treated with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek approach. But, hey, if there's anyone who can play the part of Nukem it's Cena. For starters, they both have the bulging muscles and the same haircut. That's really all you need. 

Source: THR



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