John Cho would return as Sulu for Tarantino's Star Trek

While the headline “Quentin Tarantino to direct a Star Trek movie” may seem like an inspired April Fool’s Day joke, the scenario has been gifted life and we may actually see it come to fruition. If the project develops further we have to hear about the status of the current series cast, and one actor is ready to get back into his Starfleet uniform for Mr. Tarantino.

Actor John Cho, who has played Hikaru Sulu in the last three Star Trek movies, was recently discussing the movie on Larry King Now. Cho said he has not heard any confirmations about the movie being in development, but he said he is willing to return for Tarantino’s flick if the offer arises:

I have not heard that officially, but I have heard the rumors... What I heard is that they met, I haven't heard an official announcement…[On if he’s in the movie] I hope so. Oh yeah, I think he's brilliant. I would like to do some Quentin Tarantino dialogue as Sulu.

Though this whole scenario seems like it could implode at any moment, the movie has made massive strides in the last month or so. Tarantino supposedly reached an agreement about directing the movie with an R-rating, and recently THE REVENANT scribe Mark L. Smith has been hired to do the script. That means Cho may not get to say Tarantino dialogue, but he may get a chance to behead someone with that sword he used in the first movie. Fair trade.

Every new development on this movie makes my mind explode, reassemble, and then explode all over again. Clearly, this is Paramount’s attempt to do something bold with their franchises, much like Fox did with LOGAN and DEADPOOL to much success. I am 100 percent down for that, and bringing back the likes of Cho, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana would be a great way to do something fresh with a great crew. Don't fix what ain't broke, but for the love of God throw in some f-bombs and space violence.

Source: Larry King Now



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