John Connor cast?

According to E! Online gossip columnist Anderson Jones, actor Shane West is currently the frontrunner to star as John Connor in TERMINATOR 3. He didn't provide much more information beyond that other than a little "my sources tell me..." type intro. So is this reliable?

Shane West
"Yeah...I'm a bad ass"

I can finally say this in good conscience (somewhat) now that A WALK TO REMEMBER is out of theaters. I had the opportunity to interview Mr. West while he was out promoting that movie and as I was sitting across from him, I swear I could hear the wind swirling around in his head like a seashell. If you'll notice, my write-up centers heavily on Mandy Moore, not just because she's hotter than a snake's ass in July, but because I couldn't get one useful soundbyte out of the guy. There was nothing there. He reminded me of someone from a boy band, trying way too hard to come off cool and aloof. But beyond that there was just no fire in his eyes, no soul, just a lifeless creation. (In fact, he's like a Terminator in that respect. He had that cyborg look in his eyes.) This would be a bad decision of catastrophic proportions. And isn't he a little young for the role? I know he's older in real life, but he just got done playing 17. How do you go from Ed Norton to Shane West as your next candidate? Mario, Andy, Jon - if any of you are reading this (delusions of grandeur setting in), please reconsider. Maybe Ben Affleck is available...

Just kidding about Affleck, BTW...

Source: E! Online
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