John Cusack & Christina Ricci to lead Distorted cyber thriller

Back in the day, like many other adolescent boys and girls, I had the biggest crush on Christina Ricci. Oh how my little black heart melted the first time I saw her in the role of Wednesday Addams for Barry Sonnenfeld's 1991 comedy classic THE ADDAMS FAMILY. For me, Ricci's deadpan delivery, chilling dialogue, and penchant for violence acted as fule for the fire that had ignited in my prepubescent heart, flames that I am not ashamed to admit still burn brightly to this very day. Mmm, Christina.

Oh, hey, sorry about that. I lost my focus there for a moment. You're here for some news, aren't you? Well, let's get to it then! Today, it's been announced that actors John Cusack and Christina Ricci will star in DISTORTED, a cyber thriller from Minds Eye Entertainment. 

In the film, Ricci will play an artist, Lauren Conrad, who suffers from bi-polar disorder, and just endured the tragedy of losing her child. Disturbing memories prompt her and her husband to move from their home into the upscale apartment building, The Pinnacle, which boasts a modern design and a high tech security system. When Lauren suspects the building's owner of a nefarious plot to subliminally subjugate the residents, she employs the help of Vernon Sarsfield (Cusack), an investigative journalist with an interest in cyber conspiracy.

Also set to star in the film is THE REVENANT actor Brendan Fletcher, who will work beside Cusack and Ricci from a script penned by Arnie Olsen. Your director for DISTORTED is Robert King, who in the past has been the man behind the camera for several television programs including: 2030 CE, JUST CAUSE, MOCCASIN FLATS, and RABBIT FALL. King has also contributed to the big screen by directing such films as HUNGRY HILLS, I HEART REGINA, and the Nicholas Cage-led THE HUMANITY BUREAU. 

Production for DISTORTED is set to begin at the end of this month in British Columbia, with the film being shot for multiple formats including multi-screen BARCO Escape and virtual reality. What's that? Virtual reality Christina Ricci? This is going to be available for the Playstation VR unit, correct? It had better be, or I'm going to write one hell of a scathing email.

Most recently, Ricci joined the cast of Z: THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING while stepping into the role of Zelda Fitzgerald. Additionally, Cusack appeared in David Cronenberg's MAPS TO THE STARS. Expect to hear more news concerning DISTORTED as the project gets underway.

Extra Tidbit: At age 10, Christina made her film debut in the 1990 movie MERMAIDS alongside Cher and Winona Ryder.



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