John Hawkes enlists a sex therapist in The Sessions

THE SESSIONS did huge at Sundance this year. Then it was known as The Surrogate, then at one point it was Six Sessions, and now they've finally decided to stick with THE SESSIONS.

In the film, John Hawkes plays a man who was long confined to an iron lung, but at 38 decides it's time to lose his virginity. After speaking with his therapist (Moon Bloodgood) as well as his Priest (William H. Macy), the man gets together with a sex therapist played by Helen Hunt.

Hawkes has been generating huge buzz on this role, which after watching the trailer you get a peek at why. The cast in this is great, and I am always happy to see the likes of Hunt and Macy. Can't wait to see this one.

Based on the poignantly optimistic autobiographical writings of California-based journalist and poet Mark O'Brien, THE SESSIONS tells the story of a man confined to an iron lung who is determined--at age 38--to lose his virginity. With the help of his therapists and the guidance of his priest, he sets out to make his dream a reality.

Source: Apple Trailers



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