Annabelle's John Leonetti set to Wish Upon some fresh horror at Broad Green


Broad Green Pictures is about to dip its toes into the waters of horror, and the studio is calling upon John Leonetti to helm their first feature in the genre. 

Leonetti, who directed THE CONJURING spinoff ANABELLE and operated as the cinematographer for both THE CONJURING and INSIDIOUS, has signed on to commannd the ship for WISH UPON. The script from Barbara Marshall for the film popped up on the 2015 edition of the Black List and Broad Green has since picked it up. 

So what's WISH UPON about?

When 16-year-old misfit Claire finds a magic box that promises a chance at the life she’s always wanted, she never could have guessed that each wish would demand a deadly payment.

Hmmm... Sounds like a TWILIGHT ZONE episode of sorts, which could be a good thing if the execution is done well. There are far worse comparisons to strike up than being thrown up against what emerged from Rod Serling's mind. This is a twisted spin on ALADDIN really, only if Aladdin had to pay some serious prices for his wishes. I hope Jasmine knows what he had to do eventually. 

Leonetti's directorial efforts in the past have left much to be desired (he was also in the director's chair for MORTAL KOMBAT: ANNIHILATION and THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT 2) but there is some potential here. After all, he has spent some time under the James Wan tree of learning how to frighten people. Maybe he's picked up the knowledge for WISH UPON to surprise people.




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