John Malkovich to battle zombies in Warm Bodies

As director Jonathan Levine hits the road to promote his film 50/50, something Summit is positioning as an awards season candidate, he's also busy prepping a very different project. WARM BODIES, a zombie take on "Romeo & Juliet," is Levine's follow-up to his so-called "cancer comedy" but he's lined up some serious talent. In addition to the already cast Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer and Rob Corddry, Levine has added John Malkovich to the cast.

As the film follows a zombie (Hoult) who falls in love with a human girl (Palmer), Malkovich will play the villain of the film, likely to be the girl's father, a military leader heading the human battle against the undead (doesn't it always work out that way?).

Filming on WARM BODIES is expected to begin in October right before Malkovich returns to do some more opera work. Oh Malkovich....probably the only guy who can star as the comic relief in a Michael Bay movie, the villain in a zombie movie and an opera lead all in the same year. Well done.

Levine is currently at the Toronto Film Festival where 50/50 will have its premiere.

Source: THR



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