John Singleton conducts an Abduction for Lionsgate

What's John Singleton's next job?

Directing Taylor Lautner in ABDUCTION, a thriller for Lionsgate.

Is it about Lautner running for his life to avoid an anal probe? It's not that kind of abduction. It's actually about a young man (Lautner) who finds his baby picture on a missing persons website. Turns out his parents kidnapped him and raised him as their own. Lautner with his girlfriend (possibly someone from the Disney Channel, Maybe that Raven-Symoné) will unlock the mystery of his strange past.

Something tells me this might be mediocre. It's been awhile since I've really enjoyed a Singleton film. FOUR BROTHERS was decent. Before that was BABY BOY, which didn't appeal to me. SHAFT was before that...you get the picture. Did Singleton peak in the 90s? Perhaps.

I'd ask him to team back up with Ice Cube, but you might already know why I hesitate on that idea.

Extra Tidbit: I will admit that I did like POETIC JUSTICE.
Source: Variety



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