John Travolta to voice the lead character in the animated Gummy Bear movie

Remember when John Travolta was making movies like LOOK WHO'S TALKING? We all thought about what could have been from the heartthrob in GREASE and SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. Suddenly, thanks to Quentin Tarantino and PULP FICTION, Travolta was a megastar again and went on to kick ass in countless movies like BROKEN ARROW, FACE/OFF, and more. Then, he turned to crap again.

It doesn't seem like there are many projects on the horizon for Travolta as he has been relegated to supporting roles in movies. His next starring role will be in the animated movie GUMMY BEAR. The $30 million budgeted movie will be released in 3D and is based on the viral hit from Germany. BAD BOYS screenwriter George Gallo wrote the screenplay with the following plot:

Gummy and his friends a vegetarian vampire bat, a cat and a chameleon, fighting to save an alien planet from destruction.

As a father of two younger kids, the song "I'm a Gummy Bear" played in heavy rotation for a few months. If you haven't heard it, I embedded a copy below, but be warned as it will be the worst thing you have ever heard.

It is a shame that Travolta has been reduced to this. Since his 2008 voice role in BOLT, an actual good animated film, Travolta has released only five films, none of which were all that good. I am sure GUMMY BEAR will do well in Europe and maybe in North America, but this certainly feels like the end of the road for Travolta.

GUMMY BEAR is slated to begin production in September, so expect release within the next few years.

Extra Tidbit: Yeah, that song has almost 400 million hits.
Source: Deadline



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