John Wick writer sets up his next film The Steward with Cristal Pictures

John Kolstad, screenwriter of both Keanu Reeves-led action blockbusters JOHN and JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2, has planted his flag with Cristal Pictures in a partnership that will see them setting up his next action-thriller film idea, THE STEWARD.

The new film will feature original characters that Kolstad has created, though no plot details surrounding the project have been announced at this time. This afternoon, Cristal Pictures Scott Einbinder declared that Cristal will fully finance and produce what is intended as the first installment of a potential franchise. Currently Kolstad is hard at work writing the third installment of the JOHN WICK franchise.

In talking about the acquisition, Scott Einbinder stated that, “Derek is a terrific writer and masterful at creating original, electrifying characters, and we cannot wait to develop this project. THE STEWARD, which is driven by a charismatic lead, possesses the kind of proven genre appeal that has resonated in both the domestic and worldwide markets.”

Both JOHN WICK and JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 are now available to purchase via Digital, DVD, and Blu-Ray formats. If you've yet to experience the bloody, head-shot hungry roller coaster ride that is the JOHN WICK franchise, I highly recommend that you place both on your Must Watch list.

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Source: Variety



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