Johnny Depp and Tim Burton figure out the whole vampire thing in these new pics from Dark Shadows

After the cast picture from DARK SHADOWS, I feel a little bit more comforted. Not that I ever stopped being a Tim Burton fan because I haven't. I just haven't been in love with some of his film choices since about 2001.

If done correctly, the adaptation of DARK SHADOWS could be something really great. Empire got two new pics from the set of the film. In one, Burton is trying to help Depp channel their version of Barnabas Collins. The other is Burton sitting down with Michelle Pfeiffer and Jonny Lee Miller in the Collins' Estate.

Screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith explained he had to be specific with the time the story took place, "Tim and Johnny took a long time explaining exactly why it had to be 1972. 1969 was too early and 1973 was too late. 1972 is right at the time when the hippie movement and all its peace and love is dying out and being replaced by this me-me-me generation in the '70s who are all about showing their wealth and having everything."

Also as you all may already know this will not be in 3D. Producer Richard Zanuck said, "We discussed this quite a bit. We didn't want to be categorized as another 3D extravaganza, because this isn't. We have action sequences, but mostly it's interaction between characters, and that's where the humor and the story come from."

Source: Empire



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