Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass crew get scripts and make comedies

Just as JACKASS 3D gets ready to hit home video (with JACKASS 3.5 appropriately arriving on April Fools Day), punishment absorber Johnny Knoxville is setting aside the painful pranks for some old-fashioned funny business.

Knoxville is working with Paramount on FIRST MAN, a comedy about a wild guy married to a politician. He curbs his behavior during her run for President, but immediately returns to his hellraising ways once she wins and they get in the White House.

But that doesn't mean Knoxville has forsaken his torture chums, or his penchant for taking a pounding. He's also planning to star in MUSTACHE RIDERS, along with JACKASS cohorts Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn (along with Willie Nelson, naturally).

The story follows "three small-time crooks who set off on an adventure to find a buried treasure with a grizzled old outlaw," and the script is apparently being reworked to include more crazy stunts for the guys to perform themselves. The Broken Lizard guys are helping produce (you probably know the title as a line from their comedy SUPER TROOPERS).

Extra Tidbit: Knoxville's production company is named Dickhouse Entertainment. Of course it is.
Source: DeadlineSlashfilm



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