Johnny Knoxville talks

Johnny Knoxville, who stars in MEN IN BLACK 2 as a two-headed alien sidekick to Lara Flynn Boyle, recently talked to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming JACKASS feature film. Here's a brief look at some of the things he said:

Because the show has become so well known, have you lost the element of surprise you once had in pulling pranks on unsuspecting victims?
Because of that, we're doing more stunts than pranks. Also, we traveled to other countries to shoot. We went to Japan and filmed a bit in England and Mexico, as well as shooting all over the United States. Personally, I only did a couple of pranks and mostly stunts. But for the pranks I wore disguises, little fake sunglasses and a moustache, a lot of the stuff I wore at the beginning of my career.

Are there going to be any more ''Jackass'' shows on MTV?
There's going to be three specials to promote the movie, but they're only to promote the movie. There's no point in the show coming back to TV, because we went as far as we could in that format.

Hey, how about a ''Jackass'' sequel?
It's too early to even think about, but I don't know what we could do quite honestly, unless it was straight-out snuff.

To read the entire interview, click here to read EW's full report. JACKASS THE MOVIE is scheduled to open this August.

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