Johnny Knoxville to star in comedy Action Park

Like any red-blooded boy growing up in the '90s in a town with nothing to do, my friends and I loved us some JACKASS. Because, of course, even with those "Don't Try This at Home" shit at the beginning of each show, we'd do stupid shit and film. I remember being in a shopping cart and having my friend drive into the cart at 30mph to push it into a bush (it didn't go according to plan), or sitting on the top of the hood of my friend's car and having it stop and using the inertia to throw me into things. I'm surprised I'm still alive, to be honest.

This is all to say I can't wait to see the new comedy from JACKASS alumni Johnny Knoxville. I liked BAD GRANDPA well enough, and his new comedy, called ACTION PARK is being described by The Hollywood Reporter as "what would happen if Knoxville and his cohorts irresponsibly designed and operated their own theme park." Sounds fun to me. Tim Kirkby will direct from a script by Knoxville, John Altshuler and Dave Krinsky.

But what about you Schmoes? Any other JACKASS fans out there? And if so, you looking forward to Knoxville's new film? Sound off below with the dumbest shit you've ever filmed yourself doing!

Extra Tidbit: Johnny Knoxville is no stranger to action, having been the sidekick to The Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jackie Chan.
Source: THR



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