Join the E.S.D. in preparation for Independence Day: Resurgence's release

independence day: resurgence, jeff goldblum, liam hemsworth

With the first weekend of the summer now in the books, movie studios left and right will be cranking up their marketing departments to get the promotional word out about any coming releases they may have on the calendar. The summer blockbusters is always a bloothbath with winners and losers, and those that usually end up in the winners column do so having found a way to make themselves stand out from the rest of the noise. 

INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE seems to be doing a good job of that for 20th Century Fox, building an entire campaign around filling in the gaps of what happened on the fictional timeline between the first movie and where we're at now, 20 years later. A great deal of their efforts are in letting you know what type of planning was put in place to make sure an event like what happened in INDEPENDENCE DAY never occurs again, and today they've added another piece to the puzzle, releasing a recruitment video for the E.S.D. (Earth Space Defense) and asking you to join up. 

Heading over to JoinESD.com will allow you to enlist (don't fret the U.S. Army logos you see - they're not tricking you into signing up for military service), and, in doing so, you'll be able to engage in a number of missions that are set up to fill in some more information for you that feed into the coming film. They're really making an effort this time.

INDEPENDENCE DAY: INSURGENCE arrives in theaters on June 24.



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