Join us for a screening of the naked, alien vampire classic Lifeforce in NYC!

Internet nutjob Harold Camping once said the world was going to end a few months ago. It did not (at least near as I can tell). Camping has revised that original statement saying his math was wonky or whatever and now the world is going to end on Friday. Fer realz this time guyz! So as some kook is predicted the end of the world, what better day for the Doomsday Film Festival to start!

Starting tomorrow and running through the weekend, the Doomsday Film Fest takes a look at the fascination with the apocalypse in film, art and culture. This year's selections were curated by folks like Edgar Wright, io9 and ME!

JoBlo.com is presenting a rare 35mm screening of Tobe Hooper's classic mid-80s naked alien vampire classic LIFEFORCE. Most people remember seeing this in a dark basement while their parents were upstairs sleeping, but now you can catch it on the big screen! What's more, there'll be drinks and free zombie makeup to get yourself into the alien vampire mood (you have to provide the naked part yourself).

Other screenings at the fest include DR. STRANGELOVE, the Edgar Wright-chosen LAST NIGHT, GOD TOLD ME TO and MIRACLE MILE with Anthony Edwards in town for a Q&A.

If you're in the NYC area, you should definitely head down to the 92YTribeca (200 Hudson St.) and watch Mathilda May naked for 116 minutes. It'll be a great time! For more info on the screening and to purchase tickets check out their official site here.

Source: JoBlo.com



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