Jon Favreau teases the teases in the Cowboys and Aliens teaser

Immediately after watching the Super Bowl commercial for COWBOYS & ALIENS (which you can see below), I had a few questions. Namely, why was Olivia Wilde naked in the middle of some sort of ceremony and what was up with the Native American-type people who were roped up and peering at a blue sky? Turns out I'm not the only one with these questions and Entertainment Weekly caught up with Favreau after the Super Bowl to grill him on some of these issues.

Before you get worried that they're giving away too much of the film, Favreau says, "All the images we’re showing are from the beginning, up to the first half of the film. We’re not showing a lot of where it goes."

OK, so what of naked Olivia Wilde? "That’s a moment in the film that may seem out of context," says Favreau, "but actually makes a lot of sense in the course of the movie." Is it possible she's in on the alien invasion? "I cannot confirm or deny anything..."

What about the earlier scene where it looked like some Native Americans were being harvested by aliens? "I don’t want to get into too much detail of what it is specifically, but it’s an aspect of showing the nightmarish quality of the film. There are heavy stakes and heavy stuff is going on there." Favreau also says that the story, "allows the cowboys and Native Americans to come together, which would be impossible had there not been a greater common enemy."

I loved that Favreau and crew put some flashes of things in the trailer that fans can dissect and discuss at work today. Really excited to see where this film takes us later this summer.

Source: EW.com



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