Jon Hamm may join cast of sci-fi drama Marjorie Prime


If you already miss seeing Jon Hamm's mug on a weekly basis, fear not as it looks like you'll have a very Hamm-filled 2016 to look forward to! The man is filling up his schedule with movies to shoot, now that his TV commitments are done, and this next one takes him into the science fiction realm. Based on the 2015 pulitzer prize finalist for drama by Jordan Harrison, MARJORIE PRIME would see Hamm play a copy of the titular character's deceased husband. How will that work exactly? Read on!

The synopsis as reported by Deadline:

The story delves into themes of accepting loss and growing older, following an elderly, arthritic former violinist named Marjorie, staring headlong into the decline of old age as her memories begin to fail her. Availing herself of a service that provides holographic recreations of deceased loved ones as their survivors would like them remembered, Marjorie spends her time with her daughter and son in law, and with an imperfect copy of her deceased husband, Walter, as he looked in his 30s and 40s.

Hamm has dabbled in sci-fi before with the criminally underrated Black Mirror, although the concept for MARJORIE PRIME is just as intriguing. Michael Almereyda (EXPERIMENTER, CYMBELINE) will be writing and directing this bad boy, which is scheduled to go into production in October. We we should expect to see this flick sometime in 2016, which is good news for fans of the Hamm. The man handles comedy and drama like nobody's business!

You can check out Jon Hamm next in KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES, which hits theaters in early 2016.

Let's not forget Jon Hamm's sweet fighting skills!

Source: Deadline



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