Jon Stewart buys the life rights of a jailed Iranian journalist

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart has just purchased the life rights of Maziar Bahari, according to Pajiba. He's an Iranian Canadian journalist for Newsweek who was jailed in Iran for 118 days and released, but still faces charges and exile from the country.

Does this sound like a random pairing to you? Well it’s not, because Jon Stewart was the one who put him there. Sort of.

Bahari did an interview with The Daily Show’s Jason Jones where Jones was dressed up like a spy, questioning Bahari’s involvement with Iran. Later, this interview was used during Bahari’s imprisonment to actually make him confess that yes, he was indeed a spy.

Bahari later returned to The Daily Show and joked with Stewart about sending him to jail, and it appears that Stewart is so impressed with the whole story, he now wants to make a movie out of it with his production company, Busboy. I would think it would make for a pretty fascinating film.

Watch Stewart and Bahari below for more context:

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Extra Tidbit: Who will they cast as Jon Stewart??
Source: Pajiba



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