Jon Stewart gives James Franco Oscar hosting advice, plus new promo pic

There you have it folks, this year's Oscar hosts, one is nominated for Best Actor, the other is Catwoman. Please, please, please have her come out in costume at least once. Yeah, that won't happen.

Anyway, besides posing for this promo pic, James Franco stopped by The Daily Show last night where two-time Oscar host Jon Stewart had some advice for him.

"Let me tell you what they love. Go at it with the attitude that you're above it all. They love it. [Do it] with an ironic detachment bordering on contempt. They will eat it up."

The rest of the clip details Franco's thought process with hosting the awards while being nominated, saying he's not nervous because people don't understand why he's even hosting and expectations are low.

As much as I like Stewart on The Daily Show, I've never really liked him as Oscar host as he just seems far out of his comfort zone. I'm looking forward to seeing what Hathaway and Franco come up with, and he did say last night that there'd be a bit of song and dance.

Watch the clip with Stewart below:

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Extra Tidbit: Franco also did a pretty funny bit where he got his arm stuck under the Green Room mini-fridge for the duration of the show leading up to his interview.
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