Jonas, farts and dogs

The Jonas Brothers are set to make their feature film debut with an upcoming Fox comedy based on the popular bestseller "Walter the Farting Dog." Say what? Oh, it's true. The Brothers, who have learned nothing from CROSSROADS, COOL AS ICE and other ill-advised ventures from pop-stars into retarded movies, will star in the film about a group of teen musicians (ahem) who are asked to care for a fat, old dog that farts a lot. Hilarity ensues. What makes the project even odder is that directing the film will be Peter and Bobby Farrelly, the guys responsible for some of the raunchiest, R-rated comedy around. But when you make HEARTBREAK KID, I guess you're expected to pay your dues once again.

If you're dying for more plot details on how the FARTING DOG will play out, I'll spare you the gory details but will hint to you that it involves thwarting jewel thieves (natch). The film is scheduled to begin filming next spring.

Extra Tidbit: Odd that Disney somehow let the Jonas Bros. make their first film for Fox huh?
Source: Variety



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