Jones talks Hellboy 2

Doug Jones was recently interviewed about his upcoming roles on HELLBOY 2, and he gave up some pretty juicy information regarding the film:

First, regarding Abe Sapien: “[He] dipped out — for the last third of the film, you didn't see him. In this one, he is a major player from start to finish...Abe Sapien was more of a one-note sort of character. In this one, he is showing more range of character traits. He has got a bit of a love interest this time, which is the first time Abe has ever felt that.”

And then about another character that he will be playing:

"The Angel of Death, especially, has a poignant, amazing, wonderful moment in the movie — when I read the script, I was just like: 'Damn! I love it!' And I think you could see [the Angel of Death] pop up again within the franchise somewhere. I am not going to say any more!”

Well there you have it. This thing is gonna be awesome, I just wish that David Hyde Pierce was back!
Extra Tidbit: How awesome would it be if Abe Sapien fell in love with The Angel of Death and Jones had to do a love scene with himself?
Source: Filmstalker



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