Jordan likes the Box

Hey! Wait! I got a new complaint! Director Neil Jordan has signed on to write and direct an adaptation of Joe Hill's thriller HEART-SHAPED BOX for Warner Bros. The story follows an aging death-metal icon who collects the macabre (hangman's noose, snuff film, etc.) and his purchase of a ghost. The package is delivered in a - you guessed it - heart-shaped box and the ghost turns out to be quite real. And quite angry. The book just came out in February but Warner Bros. bought the rights last year after reading a few early pages. (Hill is the son of Stephen King and after reading that last sentence, struggling writers everywhere must be poking their own eyes out.) Akiva Goldsman will produce and that should immediately frighten you (I, ROBOT, LOST IN SPACE, MINDHUNTERS, POSEIDON...shall I go on?). Jordan's next film, THE BRAVE ONE with Jodie Foster, hits theaters this September.

Extra Tidbit: Danny in "The Shining" is based on Hill (with alcoholic writer Jack Torrence obviously based on King) and the novel is dedicated to him: "This is for Joe Hill King, who shines on."
Source: Variety



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