Jordan Peele already has an idea where a Get Out 2 could go

GET OUT, the horror/thriller from first-time director Jordan Peele, is already making waves and stands as one of the most buzzed about movies from Sundance. Word is it’s pretty scary, poignant stuff and everyone, including our own Chris Bumbray, is loving it. The movie isn’t even out yet and already people are already thinking the magic word: sequel.

During an interview with The Playlist, Peele talked about how although he has no idea right as to if he will actually make a GET OUT 2 he certainly has an idea as to where it would go:

There are several ways to go with a sequel. I’m definitely open to it. I don’t have the answer right now, but I can tell you that I intend to make many more movies in the social thriller category.

As a die-hard horror movie fan Peele has no shortage of classic to draw inspiration from, and though GET OUT 2 is still just a small glimmer of an idea he’s confident the genre is one he will revisit, because who doesn’t love scaring the shit out of people?

I’m a horror fan. It’s my favorite genre. It’s one that I want to make more movies in, and I feel like I’m finally getting to do what I’m best at. I’m a serious horror fan, and a movie that sort of inspired it are movies like THE STEPFORD WIVES, ROSEMARY’S BABY, and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Really, films from the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s that had a distinct style to them.

When folks ask for a show of hands as to who is surprised this movie is doing this well, I will raise my hand with unashamed honesty. I can already see the movie as being one of the standouts of the year, even if it doesn’t break the box office, which it easily could. I’ll have to wait and see it though if I’m gonna decide whether or not to hop on the sequel train, but Peele has passion, which I can get behind. But seriosuly, who would've thought Wendell from KEY AND PEELE could bring us this?

GET OUT goes wide on February 24.

Source: The Playlist



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