Jordana Brewster joining Fox's Lethal Weapon pilot

Jordana Brewster could use another franchise to be a part of.

Given that Brewster's FAST & FURIOUS character has ultimately ridden off into the sunset to raise a family following the death of Paul Walker in real life, she's got some time on her hands as that series moves forward. Therefore, if she can find another to potentially latch onto, then good for her. It appears LETHAL WEAPON is it.

Brewster has signed onto co-star in Fox's small screen pilot for the IP made popular by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. She'll be playing Dr. Mo Cahill, a hostage negotiator and in-house therapist for the LAPD who usually handles some of the harder trauma cases in the ranks - cases like the uncast loose cannon Martin Riggs.

Damon Wayans has already been tapped to play Roger Murtaugh, so the pieces are coming together to see if this thing might work as a television series... but a lot of it is going to hinge on the right Riggs being found.



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