Joseph Gordon-Levitt denies the rumors he is being sought for the lead in Ant-Man

The response to yesterday's news that both Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are being considered for the lead in Marvel's ANT-MAN has been very positive for both candidates. The favor seems to be leaning towards Rudd over Gordon-Levitt, but either choice would put a talented actor in Edgar Wright's superhero film. As is to be expected, there are going to be denials of the rumors, but less than 24 hours after the news broke, we have the first one.

During an interview with Allocine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt made it pretty clear that the rumors have no truth behind them. Here are his exact words on the matter:

"There are always rumors," Gordon-Levitt said, his quotes translated from French. "I talk a lot about my future projects, so if you haven't heard me talk about it, it means it's nothing but a rumor. People like to write about [rumors]."

While he may talk about his projects often via social media and in interviews, Marvel is notoriously tight-lipped with their news until they are ready to make a formal announcement. He denies auditioning or screen-testing for the part but keeps it vague enough by only addressing that the news is just rumors at this point.

I am leaning towards Paul Rudd at this point but Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the longer term casting choice for Disney. Hopefully we find out soon who gets the part. ANT-MAN opens on July 31, 2015.

Extra Tidbit: Cast both actors and have one as Hank Pym and the other as Scott Lang?
Source: CinemaBlend



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