Joseph Gordon-Levitt head bangs and saves Natalie Portman in this clip from Hesher

It's been awhile since we've heard anything from HESHER.

The film features Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an oddly tattooed or sharpied pyromaniac who befriends a young boy after the death of his Mother. Actually, he sort of just moves himself into the home of the boy and his Father (Rainn Wilson).

I haven't really heard much about the film after the screening at Sundance this year. All I know is that Hesher somehow brings people together. Natalie Portman stars in this as well. She wears these really old school glasses and it took me a second glance to realize that it was really her. It's the glasses.

A clip from the film debuted over at the official site. Tomorrow during Comic-Con director Spencer Susser and Natalie Portman will be signing limited edition posters at the Nation Entertainment Collectibles Booth at 3PM. Later that evening at 10PM a limited screening will be shown to the first 200 people that were in line for the earlier poster signing.

Check below for stills from the film as well.

Extra Tidbit: Go meet Natalie Portman! You must! Don't kidnap her.
Source: HeyUGuysYoutube



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