Joseph Gordon-Levitt in talks to join Tarantino's Django Unchained

If there was every any doubt that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was on the fast track to A-list status, that should be put to rest by this bit of news, which has him being sought by yet another legendary director.

After Nolan had him in INCEPTION and Spielberg in LINCOLN, now Quentin Tarantino wants him to have a part in DJANGO UNCHAINED. Scheduling issues are going to make it tricky, but JGL is in talks, and looking for a way to balance this role with the press obligations he’ll have for PREMIUM RUSH in January.

No, there are no details on the role, but if he did join up, he’d be alongside, Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russel and Don Johnson. And besides that, you’re in a goddamn Tarantino movie, and you can’t really beat that.

Hopefully they’ll be able to work something out. In the meantime, any speculation as to what this mystery role for Gordon-Levitt might be?

Extra Tidbit: Got this picture from a site called "F*ck Yeah Joesph Gordon-Levitt."
Source: Variety



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