Joseph Kosinski May Add Gran Turismo to His Growing Slate of Projects

Joseph Kosinski is certainly a busy guy. Over the past two years he’s been attached to GO LIKE HELL, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, a TRON: LEGACY sequel, and an untitled action thriller. Yet here I am overwhelmed just building a pair of DVD shelves. Get it together Kevin.

Variety is reporting that the OBLIVION director is now in talks to direct the adaptation of the racing game GRAN TURISMO for Sony. Screenwriter Alex Tse had written a draft but it's not known if Kosinski will make use of it. In short, we don't really know anything about what the film could be at this point, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that there will be cars and racing.  Call me crazy but sometimes you've just got to go with your gut.

Here's hoping that Kosinski actually follows through with one of these projects. I admire the guy's visual flair but have yet to have been really blown away by his storytelling.

Extra Tidbit: Which Kosinski project do you hope he'll helm first?
Source: Variety



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