Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet make love (and pie) in the new TV spot for Jason Reitman's Labor Day

Jason Reitman has turned in quite an impressive filmography so far with a mix of comedic dramas. THANK YOU FOR SMOKING, JUNO, UP IN THE AIR, and YOUNG ADULT have all been impressive showcases for the leading talent as they play broken characters dealing with the realities of life. But, with LABOR DAY, Reitman appears to be ditching the comedy and going straight for the dramatic. And romantic.

Based on the novel of the same name, LABOR DAY stars Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet as strangers who become lovers in what looks to be a very adult tale. And by adult I don't mean hardcore sex adult but rather the kind of adult that movies like THE NOTEBOOK and THE VOW skip past. LABOR DAY looks to be a drama with sexual undercurrents that we rarely see from studios anymore. I mean, just check out this new extended TV spot for the movie where you can get a hard on just from the way Winslet and Brolin get down making a pie together.

LABOR DAY centers on 13-year-old Henry Wheeler, who struggles to be the man of his house and care for his reclusive mother Adele while confronting all the pangs of adolescence. On a back-to-school shopping trip, Henry and his mother encounter Frank Chambers, a man both intimidating and clearly in need of help, who convinces them to take him into their home and later is revealed to be an escaped convict. The events of this long Labor Day weekend will shape them for the rest of their lives.

I have built enough faith in Reitman from his previous films to give this one a chance. While this new trailer does give me a very Nicholas Sparks vibe, it still looks beautifully shot and well acted. I am a little weirded out by the cross promotion between LABOR DAY and National Pie Day on January 23rd. Just how important is pie to the story?

LABOR DAY opens on January 31, 2014.

Extra Tidbit: I would totally stick my hands in Kate Winslet's pie. I'm just sayin'...
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